Notes from the farmer-

  • The store is continually updated Monday-Friday. You can always add to your order up until the deadline!
  • For food safety, all Black Bottom deliveries must be sent in a cooler or must have a cooler ready for use upon delivery. We offer a set of two canvas cooler bags at our cost for your convenience. If you do not purchase a set from us, we ask that you supply your own set of two labeled coolers, bring a cooler with you at pick up, or leave out a cooler if you opt for delivery. 
  • Due to the unpredictable nature of farming and food production, sometimes we'll need to make substitutions. We will typically contact you in advance to ask your preference, but may make our own substitutions if other very similar products are available.
  • Each order includes a $1 Packaging and Handling fee to cover the cost of packaging and ice packs to keep your order at food safe temperatures.  Please return ice packs for reuse.
  • We encourage re-use! If you ordered an item in plastic, return it and we'll re-use it to grow microgreens. If you ordered an item in glass, please return it with your next delivery. Hex kombucha bottles may be returned for a $3 deposit, juice, veggie ferments, and other glass jars may be returned for good karma! =)