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Get local, fresh, responsibly grown food delivered to your home, office, gym, or local community center.
With no season commitment or cost, and an ever-changing store full of a la carte options and local food collections, we make eating healthy easier!

How It Works

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Create your free account and choose the pickup location closest to you or select home delivery. Just type your zipcode in below to choose from your closest options.


Check out the ever-evolving selection of sustainable good food we've curated from our region. The store is continually updated Monday-Friday and you can add to your until the deadline. Ordering is open until Monday at noon for delivery the same week.


Pick up your delivery at a convenient community pick up location or have it delivered. Deliveries are made on Wednesday (Annapolis & the Eastern Shore) and Thursday (Baltimore, Pasadena & Severna Park) of each week.

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Where we are:

We offer home delivery and drop offs at community centers, gyms, and offices around Baltimore, Annapolis, Easton, St. Michael's and Kent Island.
If you'd like to become a community drop off or corporate partner, just drop us a line.

Light grey areas marked with a black outline indicate our delivery area. Blue markers indicate a community drop off location. You can learn more about community locations here, and check your zipcode for home delivery below.

Notes from the farmer-

  • For food safety, all Black Bottom deliveries must be sent in a cooler or must have a cooler ready for use upon delivery.
    We offer a set of two canvas cooler bags at our cost for your convenience. If you do not purchase a set from us, we ask that you supply your own set of two labeled coolers, bring a cooler with you at pick up, or leave out a cooler if you opt for delivery. 

  • Each order includes a $1 Packaging and Handling fee to cover the cost of ice packs to keep your order at food safe temperatures. We use frozen water bottles to stay as eco-friendly as possible. Please return the bottle unopened for reuse or recycle.
  • We encourage re-use! If you ordered an item in glass, please return it with your next delivery. Hex kombucha bottles may be returned for a $3 deposit, juice, veggie ferments, and other glass jars may be returned for good karma! =)