Mindfully-Sourced, Clean Food

The Journey to Clean Eating

In 2009, Black Bottom Farm Collective Founder (and Farmer Lady-in-Chief) Kim Wagner was diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer.  Driven by her diagnosis, treatment, and frustration with sourcing nutrient-dense clean food, she began farming.  Her nursing background, personal history, and passion for honest local food gave her an unconventional approach to raising livestock sustainably and humanely. 

BBFC Founder and Farmer Lady-in-Chief Kim Wagner

Learning quickly, she began raising pigs, chickens, turkeys, and veal calves on 50 acres of open range, ponds, and woodlots.  She took care to honor the strong social bonds and natural instincts of her animals - recognizing their individual habits and personalities, allowing them to explore, roam, root, and wallow in an idyllically natural Eastern Shore setting.   Her practices eschewed the use of antibiotics, growth stimulants, routine chemical dewormers, or soy products.

Now as a local clean-food aggregator and distributor, she is on a mission to provide her customers the most nutrient-dense food possible in a way that benefits them, the farmers she sources from, the land they steward, and the animals they raise.

The Black Bottom Farm (and Collective) Story

Kim and her family founded Black Bottom Farm as a pasture-raised livestock farm in Kent County on Maryland's Eastern Shore. After nearly 10 years of selling directly to customers at regional farmer's markets, in 2018 Kim founded the Black Bottom Farm Collective to serve her neighbors delicious, wholesome food sourced from responsible-growing partners via home-delivery of online products.

Since then, the Collective has grown into a local food mover and shaker with one foot on either side of the Bay Bridge! We manage a market garden, a commercial kitchen for fresh, ready-to-eat options, a weekly market stall, our online sales and home delivery, and we're launching a new food truck this summer!


Many of the Collective's current home-delivery customers have been buying from Kim since her earliest days, and know her well from long visits at the farmer's markets.  If you're new to buying from her and the Collective, however, our daily operations are guided by the principles of food as the foundation of wellness, a belief in community, and in collaboration over competition (see Sourcing Practices for more.) 

The Black Bottom Team

  • Kim Wagner, Founder/Owner
    Kim Wagner, Founder/Owner
    Founder, Owner, Farmer Lady in Chief