November 22, 2018

Late in the market season, Kim bought a little chalkboard sign with the simple prompt "I'm thankful for...". It became a staple in our booth for the rest of the fall. Taking a moment to write down a piece of gratefulness  was such a lovely way to re-frame the day. No matter how hectic the early morning had been, or what the week had held, having an "attitude of gratitude" was a wonderful was to greet the beginning of a market. 

As we recover from our Thanksgiving feasts, taking time today and this weekend to rest and celebrate with loved ones, we wanted to share a list of the things we wrote on our market thankfulness board, plus a few more for good measure. We'll be back at the good food grind next week, but until then- be well and well-fed!

Customers who become friends

Cool rain after a hot week

Old beagles who brighten our day

Farmers working hard to bring good food to folks, even in the worst of seasons

Lane's chocolate bread with Kim's maple cookie butter

Giant Cookies

Dogs who look like their owners 

Fresh-from-the-tree apples

New pillows

Making farmer's market friends

Customers who share new recipes

Learning to love a new kind of food

Farmer's market music

Hot coffee

Friends who surprise us with hot coffee


Friends who push us to do better and learn more

Fresh produce changing with the season

Getting to serve our neighbors good food

Playing in the dirt

Edible flowers on salads

Doing work worth doing with wonderful people

Funky colorful mushrooms

Leaves that turn beautiful colors

Sharing a meal with loved ones

Customers who get excited about being a part of their local food system

Baby cow noses

Regular vegetables in fun colors (like purple kohlrabi, or watermelon radishes!)

Winter Squash

Little kids who get excited about market

Long sunny daylight hours in summer

Farmers working hard to build soil and water health

Chickens that always sound like they've got some juicy gossip

The fact that some lists will never be complete

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